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'I started to read Game of Thrones and so far not finding it as engaging as your books. Looking forward to reading more of yours.'

'It does not disappoint. I'm no history expert but the whole novel felt very accurate and realistic, I couldn't out it down, such a fast, gripping read.' 

'Just about to read another instalment of this wonderful historical series. If you love Game of Thrones, historical fiction, ancient words, rich characters, you will love the beautifully researched and written Britannica! Treat Yourself!'

​'Loyalty is the first historical fiction I read that has so diligently incorporated historical facts, and I am truly impressed at Deeley’s efforts. High praise must be given to the amount of research given to this book.'

'Deeley's writing is intelligent and beautiful. I was immediately invested in the characters and the setting of ancient Britain. I have always loved this period of history, and her depiction of it is impeccably researched. This series provides a wonderful place to escape to, and I don't think anyone would be able to resist staying up all night to do so.'

'Meticulously researched, eloquently written, a time in history is brought to life for the reader, thoroughly described down to the last detail.' 

'This author is a terrific writer and I have enjoyed her work. I'm looking forward to getting into the series in paperback and getting some extra copies for a couple of young adults in the family interested in early history. Well done, a great achievement. Congratulations.'

Cecily, Melbourne AU


'With such a powerful storyline I thought I knew exactly where it was going but then the plot twist hit me out of the blue!'

'This is a very compelling read. The storyline touches on a subject that I knew little about and although I can't say it was entertaining or enjoyable reading, I found it completely enthralling.'


​'This story has heartbreak, drama, beautifully written characters and lots of surprises. Carol Deeley is one author to look out for. Highly recommended!'

'This is a story that takes real-world tragedy and brings it to life while satisfying with a few twists. It was something new and different for me and I really enjoyed it!'

'I have to say that this book is basically crying out for a sequel, when you reach the end of the ride you are definitely left wanting more.'

'Loss is not for the faint of heart, it's a powerful drama with characters you'll either love or hate and a gripping storyline.'

'Absolutely amazing read, that stuck with me for days after I finished it. The characters feel real and like someone you know and want to be in your life. Looking forward to a possible sequel?'


'What a great read! Family intrigue, a classic journey of self discovery for our beautiful and interesting leading lady, and a love story in the subplot that was just charming!'

'Great pacing and emotion, and a spectacular finish, you won't be disappointed!'

'Josie's character is delicious, she's complicated, amusing and totally relatable! I loved her and wish I'd been able to be the friend who went on this amazing journey with her.'

'I cried, got goosebumps, cried again. You may think you know how it's going to finish but trust me you don't!'

'It's hard for me to find the right words to express how much I enjoyed the elegant simplicity of this book.'

'Have you ever imagined going on a girl trip with your best friend and it’s filled with surprises, adventures, charming men and a mystery to solve? Sandalwood reads like a great ‘chick flick’ and I truly hope it is made into a movie.'

'If you've ever lived in Cary, NC, you'll be at home with this book and you'll feel like you already know the characters in it!'

'I would just like you to know what a fascinating book Sandalwood is. I haven't had such a good experience reading a book in years. I look forward to reading more from this author real soon.'

'Hi, read Sandalwood today, yes today! Really got into it and couldn't stop until I'd finished it. I really enjoyed the plot and your writing style.'

I Should Be So Lucky

'On the surface this is a nice romantic page-turner, but the depth of the story is a serious plus with this novel. You'll get your fix if your looking for the classic modern love tale, but the story also takes some surprise twists.'

'Thoroughly entertaining story, love the way it changes direction in the middle and then surprises me with an ending I simply did not see coming.'

'Read this in one day! Great little novella, fast paced, loved the subplot and twist it added to the story and nice surprise ending.'

'There are some inventive plot twists to surprise you on first read and while the book moves quickly, the author makes time for meaningful character development, so this is a book you can enjoy more than once.' 

'Funny, loved the characters especially Troy, there's a couple of nice twists along the way and an unexpected ending...didn't see it coming! Take advantage of this great quick read.' 

'Love, adventure, a little mystery and a lot of laughs. This page turner makes for a fantastic getaway from city life, and you don't even have to leave the comfort of your armchair.'

'I finished this awesome book while travelling in the US. The perfect companion for long travel days.'

B Positive

'The drama hits early with some big punches and carries on right up to the end.'

'The story was intense in places but so very realistic. Thoroughly enjoyed this book. It's so very different to anything I've ever read before.'

'It has a tension that  builds right up to the end but it's so much more. It's crammed full of emotion. There's regret, rejection, a hopeless love, someone who would risk losing everything to save his best friend...the layers to these characters are crazy!'

'This is a very character driven story. I would highly recommend to anyone who wants a good, dramatic story that will definitely keep you invested from page one.'

'WOW!! Just WOW! This book was phenomenal. This is the third book that I have read by this author and it is by far my favourite.'

'The ending was really clever and was the perfect for this truly wonderful read.'

Beneath Still Water

'I had high expectations and I wasn't disappointed. The story is SO relevant and she tackles a couple of very serious and delicate subject with her usual subtlety and obvious endless research.'

'A chain of events bring her past and multiple aspects of her new life in North Carolina crashing together in a terrifying and dramatic crescendo, with an outcome that’s equally chilling and satisfying. Pick up this quick YA thriller/horror to find out why; you won’t be disappointed.'

'Compelling contemporary story with some classic ghostly goings-on.'

'The spooky happenings are so perfectly timed, and the scene descriptions put me right in there with the characters. Chills, chills, chills.'

'All-in-all a MUST READ for teens and young adults who grew up on the Twilight series.'

'Thank the Lord, a good old fashioned ghost story with no vampires and werewolves. Straight forward language, downright spooky and a great twisting plot.'